vivo v15 Pro Vs iPhone 6s Plus – Is It Better?

Vivo V15 came with a new pop up self-timer, the mobile phone is introduced two days following the Chinese firm has launched V15 Pro to India. The phone has a normal micro sensors on the back that enables you to unlock the phone instantly in first friction of second. The phone is already present in Thailand and Malaysian regions for users to purchase the product and in the next few weeks it’ll be available in the Indian region also. The company is gearing up for more international launch of the phones in future. The Vivo mobile phones have received rave response from the users all around the globe and this handset is further proving its mettle in the global arena.

The two major features of the vivo v15 are namely, vivo v15 it comes along with 2GB of memory capacity which acts as the base storage of the device and it also comes with a huge internal memory that offers you ample storage space for all your important data, videos, music, contacts etc. The innovative Omegazine technology helps the Omegazine display multiple pictures at the same time. The dual camera on the front of the unit also help you in taking selfies which is quite popular these days. Apart from the Omegazine and dual camera feature, the entire rear camera is armed with some innovative high resolution and high pixel modes that also enable you to take quality selfies.

The latest version of the vivo v15 has been loaded with lots of useful additions and one such is the portrait mode. You can take several pictures with the help of this mode and can click on any picture to erase it. The portrait mode works flawlessly on the Nokia 8.1 and its interface along with the software are flawless and smooth, you need not to be a tech head to use the camera. The portrait mode can be activated from the settings menu and this allows you to select a favorite picture or just click on’portrait’ and a new picture will be displayed on the screen.

The second noteworthy addition in the vivo v15 is the increased battery life. With a new 12.2 volt battery life you can get extended battery life and you don’t have to worry about changing batteries every now and then. The extra battery life enables you to make multiple selfies, play games, video recording and many more activities which you could have been performing with the normal camera. Along with this, the new Omegazine technology can also help you in taking high definition selfies and you will surely love the results.

The major highlight of the vivo v15 is undoubtedly its new feature known as the Omegazine technology which allows you to take quality and clear selfies even in low light conditions. The low light mode is a special feature which allows the cell phone to adjust its brightness automatically when there is low light in order to prevent eye strain. You can see this Low Light mode with its new design which is quite sleek and slim. With the Omegazine technology, you no longer have to worry about the battery life. It has always been a fact that the Nokia 8.1 has one of the longest life spans of all cell phones and the latest handset in the family definitely keeps that record.

Another remarkable achievement of the Nokia 8.1 Pro is that it can also take the same high quality selfies that the iPhone can offer. In fact, it can even give you the highest quality images and videos. The Omegazine function enables you to review the images and videos taken with the Nokia 8.1 instantly which gives you the opportunity to edit them any way you like. The only down fall to this handset is that it’s lacking in terms of connectivity and the only option you can enjoy is the low light mode which is really not that usable if you are looking for some high quality images and videos. So if you’re looking for a smartphone which can handle the best of smartphones such as the iPhone and the Android platforms then the Nokia 8.1 Pro is certainly worth checking out.